Ole Smoky Announces New Small-Batch Premium Whiskey Brand

| June 28, 2021

Ole Smoky Distillery, normally known for its range of moonshines, recently announced the launch of a new small-batch premium whiskey brand with its first expression honoring family ties – James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Commemorating what’s described by the brand as the history and spirit of James Ownby, the 5th generation great-grandfather of Ole Smoky Distillery’s Founder Joe Baker, the 94-proof whiskey is aged in American virgin charred oak barrels and filtered utilizing the Lincoln County Process, passing through sugar maple charcoal before aging, allowing for a rich, warm, deep caramel flavoring, according to official tasting notes.

The bottle and label design celebrate Tennessee with the state’s three stars found on the Tennessee State Flag, each representing the areas of Tennessee, middle, east, and west. It includes a personal message and Baker’s signature in honor of his ancestor’s life.

James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey

James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey (image via Ole Smoky)

“James Ownby lived a life so epic we still tell his tale. A son of the revolution, a soldier – he was dedicated to his country. He enlisted at 17 and served six tours of duty throughout his esteemed military career. James fearlessly fought for our young country’s freedom, for his beliefs and for a better way of life,” Baker said in a prepared statement. “James Ownby Reserve pays tribute to my family’s heritage and legacy. This new brand embodies our creativity and commitment to creating small-batch whiskey and the team at Ole Smoky is proud to bring the product to market.”

In the late 1800s, Ownby set down roots in East Tennessee, just a stone’s throw from where Ole Smoky operates the distillery today on the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Ownby family became known as one of the original families who settled in the area and brought their knowledge of distilling.

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James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey will be available in major markets and at Ole Smoky’s Barrelhouse Distillery in Gatlinburg and 6th & Peabody in Nashville with less than 200 bottles to be released this month.


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