Oak & Eden Announces New Chapter Of Its Celebrity Driven Anthro Series Whiskeys

Oak & Eden Whiskey has announced a new chapter of its celebrity collaboration product, the Anthro Series.

Designed to partner with personalities to allow them to customize their own signature line of whiskey, the series kicked off with Yellowstone TV star Forrie J Smith this past spring and is set to launch a new chapter of personalities every six months. The new chapter in the series, the Troubadour Chapter, is set to launch with the following artists and their created bottlings:

– John Paul White (The Civil Wars): A four-grain 116 proof bourbon created from American Oak and charred
– Jamestown Revival: A medium-toasted, 116 proof, rye whiskey created from French Oak
– Filmore: A heavily-toasted, 90 proof, four-grain bourbon created from American Oak and infused with coffee and honey
– Penny & Sparrow: A heavily-toasted, 116 proof, American Oak Bourbon
– Abraham Alexander: A medium-toasted, 90 proof, American Oak Bourbon infused with vanilla

Oak & Eden is said to have pioneered and patented a technique called “In-Bottle Finishing,” where distillers place a spiral cut piece of oak, called the Spire, into every bottle of fully-aged whiskey, introducing what they feel are new, aromatic flavors that don’t exist in the aging barrel alone. This process allows the customization of the whiskey at bottle level with various personalities.

Penny & Sparrow: A heavily-toasted, 116 proof, American Oak Bourbon

Penny & Sparrow: A heavily-toasted, 116 proof, American Oak Bourbon (image via Oak & Eden)

This product series is made possible by each personality building a custom bottle of whiskey utilizing the following elements: type of spirit, level of proof (90 or 116 proof), spire wood, and spire toast level. Each personality is also offered the option to infuse the bottling with a secondary spirit or libation in order to add a new added flavor not created by wood.

Oak & Eden will be launching the Anthro Series — Troubadour Chapter this month. All products under the Anthro Series are exclusively available for purchase online at oakandeden.com/anthro.


Allyson Nichols

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