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Long Time Bourbon NDP Luxco Finally Opens Its Own Whiskey Distillery

By Nino Marchetti / April 13, 2018

Non-distilling producers are a type of whiskey brand normally known for sourcing product from the likes of MGP and bottling under their own labels. Some do only this over the course of their lives, while some others, such as Luxco, move towards the goal of opening their own distilleries, as has just now happened for them in Kentucky.

What’s known as Lux Row Distillers officially opened the grounds to their new 90-acre distillery property recently in Bardstown, Kentucky, after a nearly two year build out. Included in the mix of this facility is an 18,000 square foot, state of the art distillery that’s said to have a current production capacity of 20,000 barrels, with the ability to increase to 50,000 barrels in the future. It is from here the distillery team, lead by John Rempe, will continue management of their current whiskies, including Ezra Brooks, Rebel Yell, David Nicholson and Blood Oath, while also looking to move in some new directions.

“With the opening of Lux Row Distillers, the future of our bourbon brands is in our hands – and it’s an incredible feeling,” said Rempe in a prepared statement. “I am eager to continue the tradition of our long-standing brands, as well as flexing our creativity with new flavor profiles – continuing to provide our customers with the best bourbon in the world. We have already filled more than 2,200 barrels and we are looking forward to filling thousands more.”

Lux Row Distillers recently joined the Kentucky Distillers’ Association as a “Heritage” member, the highest level in the non-profit distillery group. It is open to the public for visits, and offers a walking tour of the site and an educational tasting seminar in the distillery’s tasting room. A retail shopping experience featuring the bourbon brands and other branded merchandise is available in the visitor center as well.


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