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Buffalo Trace Continues Movement Towards Estate Bourbon

Popular Kentucky bourbon distillery Buffalo Trace, over the last few years, has dedicated a portion of its grounds to growing specialized corn for an estate bourbon it eventually hopes to bottle and sell. It now has a new update out on its latest progress in this endeavor.

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At the end of November, distillery officials noted, the third crop of corn grown on its farm was harvested. Buffalo Trace had

planted 22 acres of a conventional strain of corn this year, called “CF790 Conventional.” This strain of corn is known for having strong roots and a strong stalk system and was selected in order to help enhance the integrity of the soil.

All of the corn harvested last week was placed in the Distillery’s newly installed grain silo which also sits on the farm. The corn will remain in the silo until the spring where the temperature and moisture level will be monitored. Once the corn is finished drying, it will be transported down to the Distillery to be made into bourbon.

Each crop harvested on the Distillery’s farm is being distilled and aged on site to one day become expressions of “Single Estate” bourbons. Name, age or price of this future bourbon has not yet been determined.

Last year Buffalo Trace grew Japonica Striped corn on the farm, and the year before grew Boone County white corn, the same strain of corn that Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. used at the Distillery in 1870.

The Boone County corn was distilled and has been aging at Buffalo Trace for the past year and a half. The Japonica Striped corn was distilled this fall and began the aging process this October.

The Distillery intends to plant a different variety of corn each year on its farm so each year in the future there will be a unique release.

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