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Breckenridge Distillery Adds Some PX Cask Love to its Bourbon

By Nino Marchetti / October 2, 2017

Colorado’s Breckenridge distillery is known for its flagship bourbon, which is a blended mix of its own in-house aged distillate and whiskey selected from barrels out of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Some variants of this expression have been spawned over time, including one finished in port casks for up to half a year. Now another cask finished offering has arrived, having spent time in ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

The new Breckenridge PX Sherry Cask Finish, according to those behind it, takes the bourbon and finishes it for an undisclosed amount of time in former PX casks. These casks, once part of a a solera hundreds of years old, were found in Andalusia province of Spain.

Breckenridge PX Sherry Cask Finish

The new whiskey, bottled at 90 proof, is available in a limited number of markets for around $75 a bottle. You’ll find limited official tasting notes for it at the end of this article.

“There are countless ravishing Single Malt Whiskies aged in used Bourbon barrels,” said Bryan Nolt, Founder/CEO of the Breckenridge Distillery, in a prepared statement, “but a Sherry cask-aged malt Whisky just has a little extra special mojo. We were determined to find a Sherry cask to marry with Bourbon-style Whiskey. Our search for the perfect Sherry was unbalanced until we made it all the way to the concentrated and creamy side of the Sherry spectrum and found the perfect match, Pedro Ximenez.”

Its well-rounded aromas of fig compote, almond butter and black licorice lead to rich full-bodied flavors of orange marmalade and Madagascar vanilla bean. Long finish of sweet oak and ripe sultanas with perfectly balanced heat.