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Booker’s Introduces ‘Apprentice Batch,’ Second For 2023

Booker’s Bourbon recently dropped their second batch of 2023, Booker’s “Apprentice Batch.”

A statement from the whiskey brand notes that this batch honors the beginning of Booker Noe’s distilling career, when he first learned the art of making bourbon under the guidance of his cousin, Carl Beam.

It was shortly after Booker started working at Jim Beam Distillery, in 1952, that Carl was in charge at the time … and he became Booker’s mentor.

Booker's 2023-02 Apprentice Batch
Booker’s Bourbon recently dropped their second batch of 2023, Booker’s “Apprentice Batch.” (image via Beam-Suntory)

The prepared statement goes on to explain that two years after Booker started, Jim Beam purchased a distillery in Boston, Kentucky to increase production capabilities. The two of them worked closely together to get it up and running, and eventually, Carl handed the reins over to Booker.

This is where Booker was able to experiment and master the bourbon-making process. It was many years later that the location was renamed the Booker Noe Distillery.

The two worked closely together, Carl showing Booker the ropes at the distillery. Carl also encouraged Booker to try things out on his own.

According to Booker, it was this “apprenticeship” under Carl that pushed him to become the master distiller and whiskey icon he is today.

Booker’s “Apprentice Batch” was selected by Fred Noe, seventh generation master distiller. He’s tasked with upholding the qualities and standards that his dad set for Booker’s Bourbon more than three decades ago.

Fred Noe explained that this uncut and unfiltered batch has a medium amber color and an oak-forward aroma balanced with vanilla and toasted nuts. It’s warm with a long finish that does not overpower the taste, and opens up further with a small touch of water.

Booker Noe first created Booker’s Bourbon as a Christmas gift for close friends and family. He took barrels found in the center-cut of the rack house and bottled the bourbon that was straight from the barrel.

Each batch is released in limited quantities and features a unique label and batch name that honors Booker Noe, his love of family, and his spirit of experimentation.

“Apprentice Batch” was aged seven years, one month, and two days and the whiskey clocks in at 125.5 proof. It’s available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $89.99 for a 750 ml bottle, in limited quantities.

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