WhistlePig Old World Series Kicks Out A Port Cask Finished Rye

And so we’ve come to what looks to be the end of the line for the WhistlePig Old World Series of limited edition rye whiskey bottlings that saw time in former wine barrels. First there was a 12 year old rye finished in ex-French Sauternes casks. This was followed up in short order by a 12 year old rye that wrapped up its aging in ex-Madeira barrels. The final release of the three has now just been announced, The Old Word Series: Port Finish.

WhistlePig Old World Series: Port Finish

The WhistlePig Old World Series: Port Finish and a new best friend (image via WhistlePig)

For this release WhistlePig took another 12 year old rye – with a 95% rye and 5% malted barley mash bill from MGP Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana – and finished it in ex-port casks. Port, if you do not know, is a fortified red wine that’s considered a classic dessert drink. It was first produced in the 17th century in the Duoro region of Portugal.

The WhistlePig Old World Series: Port Finish, according to the distillery, is influenced by the wine barrels in that “port notes of dried fruit and maple syrup further accentuates this mature rye’s slightly sweet composition, while balancing with its spicy finish.” Bottled at 90 proof, official tasting notes for this whiskey are below. It is only be released into the New York, Illinois and California markets at a price point of at least $100 and will likely disappear quickly from liquor store shelves like its predecessors mostly have.

Next up, should WhistlePig stay to plans originally talked about, is a more regular offering tied to the experimental bottlings which should come out later this summer.

  • Nose: Maple syrup, roasted nuts, raisins
  • Flavor: Rye bread, raw cacao, strawberries, ginger
  • Finish: Demerara, cacao, dried fruit
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