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Whiskey Del Bac Releasing Its 2023 Frontera American Single Malt

Arizona’s Whiskey Del Bac, known for its American single malts, is set to release its spring seasonal expression Frontera.

A statement from the distiller notes that Frontera, named after the medieval city Jerez de la Frontera, is a base of Whiskey Del Bac’s unsmoked single malt, aged in new American white oak, then finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks.

“When we learned more about the city Jerez de la Frontera, it was easy to see the parallels between that once border city and our hometown of Tucson,” said Whiskey Del Bac Co-Founder Stephen Paul. “The beauty of border cities is the collision of culture in music, art, and culinary experiences that inevitably create richer stories and connections.”

Whiskey Del Bac Frontera
Arizona’s Whiskey Del Bac, known for its American single malts, is set to release its spring seasonal expression Frontera. (image via Hamilton Distillers)

Paul explained that Frontera is a part of the Whiskey Del Bac Global Cask Collection, which includes a total of three limited annual releases each year inspired by various European regions and spirit styles.

Frontera’s Pedro Ximénez Sherry finish is inspired by crisp, refreshing spring days in Spain.

The Global Cask Collection includes two other annual releases: Normandie, a French-inspired Calvados finish and the heavy on mesquite Ode to Islay, influenced by heavily-peated Islay Scotches.

“Frontera has become increasingly nuanced over the years,” said Mark A. Vierthaler, Whiskey Del Bac head distiller. “It actually began its life as our 2021 Spring Distiller’s Cut. The PX finish was so well received, we realized that we wanted to bring the sherry cask finish back and make it more than a one-off release when we launched the Global Cask Collection in 2022.”

You can find 1,200 bottles of Frontera available in national markets where Whiskey Del Bac is distributed, including Arizona, New York, Missouri, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Illinois. Arizona and Kentucky residents will also be able to purchase directly from the distillery onsite or purchase online and have it shipped anywhere in the state.

Bottles will be available on the distillery website starting March 25th at 9:00 a.m. MST.

Frontera clocks in at 48.5% ABV (97 proof). It has a suggested retail price of $90 a bottle. Whiskey Del Bac’s distiller’s notes show that Frontera, on the nose, has aromas of raisin, walnut, and crushed red grapeskin. It tastes of heavy vanilla, stone fruits, finishing with lingering honey, oak and leather.

Whiskey Del Bac is a brand of American single malt whiskeys made by Hamilton Distillers, based in Tucson, Arizona, where the distillery is open for retail and tours.

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