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‘Survivor’ Alum Mikey Bortone Touting A New Coconut Whiskey

Los Angeles-based Watertown Whiskey recently launched a coconut whiskey, just in time for the summer vibes.

A statement from Watertown noted that the inspiration for the coconut whiskey came from Co-Founder Mikey Bortone’s time as a participant on the reality TV show Survivor: Micronesia, also known as Fans vs. Favorites.

Bortone said that living on a remote island, he and his cast mates had little to eat or drink other than coconuts. Since then, he’s had a taste for coconuts and his go-to cocktail became coconut water and whiskey. That’s the inspiration for Watertown Whiskey.

Watertown Whiskey
Los Angeles-based Watertown Whiskey recently launched a coconut whiskey, just in time for the summer vibes. (image via Watertown Whiskey)

“Watertown Whiskey is a refreshing, low-sugar and flavor-packed whiskey that can be served straight up or in mixed drinks,” Bortone said.

The CEO and co-founder of Watertown Whiskey further explained that they developed the unique blend of traditional rye and coconut flavors to “create a taste of paradise that you can enjoy with friends or family, whether you’re out at an event or having a nightcap at home.”

He created Watertown Whiskey with his longtime friends and co-founders Steve Cicarelli and Mark O’Donnell. The whiskey’s name pays homage to their hometown of Watertown, Massachusetts.

After several rounds of taste-testing and getting the flavor “just right,” the team at Watertown is now set to bring the coconut whiskey to shelves this month.

Watertown is a low-sugar whiskey that clocks in at 73 proof. It’s distilled and bottled in Palm Springs County, California. It’s available in select Southern California retailers and nationwide on their website. It has a suggested retail price of $34.99 for a 750ml bottle.

For more information or to find a bottle, check out

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