Promising Distillery Venus Spirits Readies A Rye Whiskey

Wayward Rye WhiskeyVenus Spirits, a craft spirits distillery out of Santa Cruz, California which has a particular focus on creating organic liquors looks as if it is about to come out with its rye whiskey. This comes on the heels of its first release, an American single malt, which debuted back in February.

Its second offering, known as Wayward Rye Whiskey, is a 92 proof bottling that was double distilled on an Alembic still much like the single malt. Whereas the single malt though had a mash bill that was “organic two row, organic crystal malt,” that of the rye is instead “organic rye 60%, organic corn, organic wheat, organic barley.”

As mentioned previously about Venus Spirits, its founder Sean Venus, long having an interest in craft brewing and organic foods, moved into distilling in 2012 with the idea to produce a range of organic spirits, including small batch whiskies. He successfully crowdsourced funds to help build his tasting room, and besides the just about to come out rye and already released single malt, already has out as well some interesting gins and blue agave spirits. Still to come out this year, among other offerings, is a planned bourbon.

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