New Holland Brewing Names Wheat Whiskey After A Pitchfork

New Holland Pitchfork Wheat WhiskeyNew Holland Brewing is an outfit out of Michigan that’s very well known for its wide selection of tasty craft beers. They, like Rogue Ales out of Oregon, also have a distilling side to them which happens to include some rather interesting whiskies. One of these, a wheat whiskey, has gone through a name change and is now known as Pitchfork Wheat.

The New Holland Pitchfork Wheat Whiskey, formerly known as Bill’s Michigan Whiskey, is a 90 proof bottling that’s non-chill filtered and matured a non-stated amount of time in smaller American oak barrels. Its mash bill contains Michigan grown and malted wheat and barley that’s been fermented in-house and then twice-distilled before being put down to rest.

Price wise expect to pay around $40 or more for a 750 ml bottle, depending upon the retailer. As the rebranding looks to just have happened very recently, you may find out on the market, as of the time of this post anyhow, most of the labeling still indicating it’s Bill’s Michigan Whiskey. Official tasting notes for Pitchfork from New Holland are below.

Aromas of clove and honey are followed by rich mouthfeel and biscuity malt character, with hints of butterscotch and vanilla bean layered against subtle spiciness and a smooth, clean finish.


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