Company Distilling Launches Tennessee Three Wood

| May 11, 2023

Company Distilling recently announced the second release in its experimental product lineup, called Tennessee Three Wood.

A statement from the distiller noted that this experimental expression is a straight Tennessee whiskey finished with apple wood. This second exploratory offering follows their Seismic Rye Single Barrel from last fall.

“Tennessee Whiskey was the logical next addition to our product portfolio. At 86.5 proof, we feel it is the perfect complement to our tasting lineup and brings some welcomed sweet notes to the spiciness of our rye,” said Jeff Arnett, founder and master distiller. “The proof point is the area code for the Knoxville area, which we think is a fun hidden fact and continues to create a sense of place for our products in East Tennessee.”

Company Distilling Tennessee Three Wood

Company Distilling recently announced the second release in its experimental product lineup, called Tennessee Three Wood. (image via Company Distilling)

Tennessee Three Wood clocks in at 86.5 proof (43.25% ABV), and features aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and golden raisins. The distiller’s notes show the taste to be a subtle blend of sweet vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and plums, with a soft oak finish.

Company Distilling mellows the straight Tennessee whiskey through maple charcoal, then matures it in charred white oak. It’s finished with toasted apple wood.

Through the “Lincoln County Process,” the recipe for Company Distilling’s Tennessee Three Wood looks to celebrate the whiskey-making heritage of Tennessee, and explore the diversity of fruit and hardwood trees in the state.

About 10 years ago, the state of Tennessee passed legislation that defined what could be labeled as “Tennessee Whiskey,” which stipulates that to be called such, it has to be made in Tennessee. The legislation also adds one additional process requirement, which is that the new make distillate must be filtered through hard sugar maple charcoal after distillation and prior to entry into the new charred oak barrel for maturation.

Tennessee Three Wood will be available for purchase in Company Distilling tasting rooms in Thompson’s Station and Townsend, Tennessee, starting May 19th.

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