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A Unique New Whiskey Blend, Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon, Debuts

A new blend of whiskey, and whiskey styles, hits the market as Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon recently debuted.

This new whiskey hails from the O’Shaughnessy Distilling of Minneapolis, a place built in an old potato factory featuring a key component to making Irish style whiskey … copper pot stills.

The master distiller of Keeper’s Heart, Brian Nation, collaborated with David Perkins, founder of High West distillery, on the new expression. These two brought together what’s described as decades of experience, knowledge, and passion to further the blending of Irish and American distilling traditions.

Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon
Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon (image via O’Shaughnessy Distilling)

They describe Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon as a one-of-a-kind blend of Irish pot still, Irish grain, and American bourbon that delivers a complex, layered and flavorful whiskey. Keeper’s Heart Irish + Bourbon clocks in at 92 proof.

The distiller’s notes show that the characteristic sweet taste of bourbon is intertwined with notes of freshly charred virgin oak and  earthy spices of the single Irish pot still whiskey. The Irish grain whiskey delivers a delicate butterscotch sweetness upon finish.

As O’Shaughnessy launches the new whiskey in select states, their product locator will help find the bottles …

Brian Nation, for those who don’t know about him, was originally from Irish Distillers, where he was the Master Distiller at the Midleton Distillery for all of Irish Distillers’ brands, including the iconic Jameson, Redbreast and Midleton Very Rare. He served as Master Distiller for the last seven years, with a total tenure of 23 years spent at Irish Distillers.

Nation was hired by O’Shaughnessy back in 2020, being replaced at Irish Distillers by Kevin O’Gorman.

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