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Glengoyne 10 Year Old




Whisky Review: Glengoyne 10 Year Old

Tasting Notes:

Scotch single malt aged a decade in hand-selected sherry casks crafted from European and American oak; bottled at 40% ABV; priced around $60.
The colors in the glass are reflective of a younger Scotch, showcasing nice light golden colors. Solid leg structure and viscosity are also reflected within.
This opens to the nose clean and refreshingly, bringing notes of golden apple, pear, butterscotch, floral influences and honey.
Clean and fresh like the nose, with gentle considerations of honey, green apple, toffee pudding, vanilla, butterscotch, and maple oatmeal.
Nice and easy is the name of the game for the finish, being very gentle and soft as it slowly fades. No fuss, no mess, and nothing overly complex here.
Entry-level Scotches give you an idea of what to initially anticipate as you go deeper into a distillery’s portfolio. This 10-year-old from Glengoyne sets a solid start to that story.
Glengoyne 10 Year Old review
We review Glengoyne 10 Year Old, aged a decade in hand-selected sherry casks crafted from European and American oak. (image via Glengoyne)

Editor’s Note: The party behind this whisky gave us a review sample. Per our editorial policies, this in no way influenced the outcome of this review. It should also be noted that clicking the buy link in this review earns our site a small referral payment, which helps to support, but not influence, our editorial and other costs.

Scotland’s Glengoyne distillery, founded in 1833, is considered a Highland region whisky-making operation. It was founded back in 1833, with critical notes for this brand including claims of having one of the longest distillation processes in all of Scotland, making use of air-dried barley, and aging their whisky in custom-made, European and American oak casks that take six years to prepare before they are considered to have new make spirit added to them.

The whisky I’m reviewing today, the Glengoyne 10-Year-Old, represents the most entry-level of the distillery’s core collection. Aged a decade in hand-selected sherry casks crafted from European and American oak, it is bottled at 40% ABV and priced at around $60, depending upon where you are shopping.

One of the beautiful things about trying an entry-level Scotch such as this is seeing the potential of the brand’s whisky as it matures. Also, if you are getting into this whisky style, it allows you to explore how your palate will take to it without being blown out by a robust peat-forward approach common to a portion of single malts.

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