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Welcome To The New Look Whiskey Wash

Same Great Content, Fresh New Look, And No Third Party Adverts

You may notice that things look a bit different around here.

Not only have we totally revamped the front end design of the site we have removed all third party ads.

We’ve also added The Whiskey Wash Shop and have new full time content writers onboard.

Furthermore we have a new owner (the whiskey broker and consultant Mark Littler).

An Independent Voice

The reality is that without conscious effort we are going to lose the many smaller, but equally important, voices and independent views that make this industry and the community around it so vibrant. Left as it is, all that will survive will be the big names; platforms beholden to advertisers, pushing a narrative that neither disrupts the status quo nor offers content without a paywall. 

At The Whiskey Wash we are no longer beholden to advertisers because we are now backed by Mark Littler LTD’s services. That means we can provide fully independent content, and just as importantly, we can be a platform for voices and creatives both big and small.

What To Expect From The Whiskey Wash in 2024?

You can expect more of the same high quality independent reviews, news and articles spanning the full industry, from the whisky itself to the creatives behind your favorite dram. Our whiskey and whisky experts will be covering everything from scotch to bourbon, and from Asia to America in order to provide you with all you need to get the most out of the world’s greatest spirits.

We also want The Whiskey Wash to be the champion of all the creatives in the industry: yes the whiskey, but also the writers, the reviewers and everyone involved in all stages of the industry.

So, Welcome Once Again, To The Whiskey Wash

It’s not all new, there will be plenty familiar here too; Nino is staying on as head of US reviews and he’s joined by new regular contributor and editor, Beth Squires. Established USA based Whiskey Wash reviewers will also be joined by new counterparts in the UK as we bring you the biggest spectrum of reviews and news that we can.

Our promise is that we will always review and report our honest opinions, which, while always subjective, will never be swayed by anything other than our experiences.

Mark Littler

Mark Littler is the owner and editor in chief of the Whiskey Wash. He is also the owner of Mark Littler LTD, a prominent whisky and antiques brokerage service in the United Kingdom. Mark is a well known voice in the whisky industry and has a regular column at and has a popular YouTube channel devoted to everything whisky.

Mark completed the purchase of The Whiskey Wash in late 2023.

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