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The Single Cask Is Offering A Whisky Lover Their Dream Job

Image courtesy of The Single Cask & Minty Communications

Independent bottling company, The Single Cask, is planning to recruit whisky lovers to a panel of ‘Taste Masters’ to help in the selection of whiskies for bottling. 

Dram drinkers around the UK will be extremely excited by this job opportunity, for which applications are now open. 

The Single Cask bottles, you guessed it, whiskies from single casks, selected from their warehouse of over 3,000 casks located in Glenrothes. 

The new ‘Taste Masters’ will nose and taste expressions and aid in the selection of such bottlings for the range of “exciting and entertaining” whiskies. 

Applicants will be expected to have creativity and personality, as well as experience in writing tasting notes that accurately reflect the experience of tasting the whisky. Jan Damen, General Manager at TSC, said “want our first-ever ‘Taste Master’ panel to understand the beauty and emotional power of single cask whisky and help more whisky fans come with us on this extraordinary journey”.

The position will initially be part-time with flexible hours but is expected to expand as the business grows. 

To find out more about the role, and to submit your application, visit The Single Cask website

About The Single Cask 

The Single Cask (TSC) is a unique independent bottling company that has been making waves in the whisky industry. Founded by Ben and Cindy Curtis in 2010, TSC started with a modest beginning of only four casks. Over the next five years, the couple diligently searched for the perfect casks to add to their collection, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

The company prides itself on handpicking every cask, ensuring each bottle offers a unique whisky experience to its customers. Their outreach expanded in 2015 when TSC Singapore Bar was opened, catering to an Asian customer base.

Over the years,  the company has carved out a significant niche in the market, becoming a go-to for whisky enthusiasts seeking something beyond standard distillery releases.

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