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Stranahan’s To Open Eclectic Whiskey Lodge In Aspen

An image of the interior of Stranahan's Whiskey Lodge, Aspen.
Image via Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey & PR News Wire

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey lovers will soon have a new holiday destination in Apsen, with the opening of Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge being announced on 20th February. The lodge, which will open on 9th March 2024, will house an upscale bar and restaurant as well as exclusive whiskey expressions only available at the lodge. 

The Stranahan’s Distillery is located in Denver, but the brand has its roots in Aspen. In 1998, volunteer firefighter, Jess Graber, rushed to douse a barn fire in Woody Creek. The barn was owned by whisky connoisseur and brewer, George Stranahan. 

Once the fire was extinguished, the two developed a friendship based on their mutual love of good whiskey. And so, the two established Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. Made from 100% malted barley, the distillery is one of the pioneers of American single malt whiskey. 

Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge, located in the heart of Aspen, constitutes a sort of homecoming for the brand, with the team hoping to “invite [single malt whiskey fans] to Aspen to taste America’s finest and most unique range of American Single Malts out there”, according to co-founder Jess Graber. 

Stranahan's co-founder, Jess Graber (left) and Head Blender, Justin Aden (right) at the Whiskey Lodge.
Stranahan’s co-founder, Jess Graber (left), and Head Blender, Justin Aden (right) at the Whiskey Lodge. Image courtesy of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey & PR News Wire.

Experiences at the lodge will include Alpine-inspired meals prepared by Head Chef Nick Ragazzo, who has over 24 years of experience in the culinary industry. Carefully curated cocktails using the brand’s whiskey will also be served. 

In celebration of the lodge’s opening, Stranahan’s will offer an exclusive six-cask blend of American single malt, with two of the whiskeys in the blend having been finished in Calvados casks. Calvados is a sweet apple brandy produced in Normandy, making the finishing of whiskey in these casks both a novelty and a rarity. 

Justin Aden, Head Blender at Stranahan’s said “[t]he fruitiness of our Single Malt paired with the richness of Calvados cask finishing could not fit Stranahan’s taste profile better. It’s the perfect union of our 100 percent barley malt, Eldorado Spring water, and a nuanced depth that only exceptionally aged Calvados could give you.” 

So, if you are a lover of skiing and a lover of American single malts, Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge is the perfect vacation destination. The lodge will open on March 9th, 2024. Business hours are 12 pm-10 pm daily. To learn more about the events and promotions at the lodge, visit the Stranahan’s website.

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