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The 5 Best Whiskies Under $100

Value is an extremely important word in every industry that exists, but within whisky, it has become the number one buzzword for consumers. And rightly so.

Despite some things I’ve written in the past that have laid into bigger companies that own whisky distilleries, there are ones that exist to offer whiskies, both official and independent bottlers, for the best prices possible. 

Below is a list of official bottles and single-barrel expressions that are wonderful but once they’re gone, that’s it. 

Official bottlings of whiskies from distilleries that offer you, the drinker, the best value possible, are the products you’ll want to keep replacing. 

Loch Lomond 14 Year Old, 46%

BUY NOW: $71.99 

It was so close between this whisky and Glen Garioch 12 year old for whisky of the year in 2023 for me. The latter did win, but it shouldn’t put you off buying this incredible Loch Lomond expression. 

This whisky is like a good book that keeps you hooked. After being matured in ex-bourbon casks, it gets a final touch in virgin Limousin French oak. The result? A flavor profile that’s pretty awesome.

At first, it’s all sweet and rich bourbon flavors. Then, it smoothly transitions into a classic highland single malt, complete with toffee notes, a gentle hint of oak, and just a pinch of spice that brings out flavors of ginger and butterscotch. It’s got Loch Lomond written all over it.

But the best part is the finish. Usually, Loch Lomond whiskies are so lightly peated, you can hardly taste it. They’re more akin to a lowland style of whisky. But this one? It ends with a smoky finish, thanks to the French oak. It’s not peat smoke, but more of a barrel char and culinary-style smoke. Kind of like a surprise twist at the end of a great novel. 

Ardnamurchan AD Single Malt, 46.8%

BUY NOW: $61.99 

They hit the decade mark this year at Ardnamurchan! Early 2014 was when the first liquid was distilled, and then the rush that happened with the first official single malt releases from 2020 onwards – it was wild, but it was so nice to see people opening them more than anything. 

This distillery is a perfect place for people to get creative, and for drinkers who are open to trying anything to flock towards. Their standard AD Single Malt is a combination of peated and unpeated barley, mostly matured in ex-bourbon casks with some sherry influence, and is just a lovely, warm, gently smoky, rich enough whisky that can now showcase what the west coast of Scotland can do. 

We all know of the power of Islay, Jura, and Skye, but the mainland of western Scotland has been missing some big guns to show off. 

Yes, Oban and Ben Nevis have done a lot of the work over the decades, but those distilleries are located in big tourist destinations. Ardnamurchan, as well as Nc’nean, sit on the vast peninsula in relative silence and quietly get on with making some of the best young whisky in Scotland. 

GlenAllachie 12 Year Old, 46%

BUY NOW: $59.99

It seems silly to talk even more about GlenAllachie. Everyone loves it. The new labels are better looking than before, although I will miss The Flintstone’s text. 

The casks are still excellent on the core range, and it’s still run by Billy Walker, the man who is the king Midas of sherry casks. He works well with all casks if I’m being honest, but sherry is his forte. 

I haven’t seen a degradation of casks over batches, and I haven’t experienced mega price increases. Independently run and operated by Walker, it is simply a no-contest situation. If you want a sherry cask aged whisky and don’t want to pay a fortune, buy GlenAllachie. This well-loved brand is incredible value for money. 

Benromach 10 Year Old, 43%

BUY NOW: $41.55

Here we go, the chat about 46% is going to get wild. Look, just because something is 46%, natural color, and non-chill filtered, it doesn’t automatically make it good. It just means that it’s a good start. 

Benromach bottles their core range of 10 year olds, 15 year olds and 21 year olds at 43%, and it still tastes delicious. The 21 year old could be 46%…that’s the only critique I’ll put on that/ However, the 15 year old and the 10 year old we’re here to talk about work brilliantly at 43%. 

Do you want a whisky that can do everything? Benromach 10 year old. Do you want a product matured in all first-fill casks? Benromach 10 year old. Do you want a whisky that can develop every flavour on your palate, at 43%,  and is great value for less than $45 a bottle? You guessed it, Benromach 10 year old. 

Roe & Co Blended, 45% 

BUY NOW: $19.99 

I’ll get the elephant out of the room first, this is sourced liquid. Roe & Co are distilling their own liquids, and have been for many years, but what is currently in the Roe & Co bottles is sourced. Is this a bad thing? No. Of course it isn’t. But it’s best to be honest upfront. Whoever they are sourcing this liquid from, fair play to you! 

And, fair play to the blenders at Roe & Co because this is awesome whisky, at 45%, with no chill filtration, all for about $20. There aren’t many other whiskeys, certainly not from Ireland that give you that ABV and NCF for sub-$50 most of the time. This is truly a value whiskey.

Named after George Roe, a name that should be as famous as John Jameson, John Powers, etc. Diageo brought this liquid back to life nearly a decade ago, and it has always hit the spot. It is quintessentially Irish whiskey in every way, loads of butter, fresh green and red fruits, fudge, butterscotch, it’s got it all for not a massive price. Just buy it. Trust me. 

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