The Fred Minnick Show: American Idol Winner Loves Michter’s 20-year-old Bourbon, Four Roses and More

Editor’s Note: The Whiskey Wash welcomes well regarded bourbon writer and editor Fred Minnick and his podcast The Fred Minnick Show to our site. We will be acting as a partner platform for sharing his show with our readers.

What happens when you put me in the room with American Idol winner country music star Trent Harmon? Well, bourbon gets sipped.

Trent’s a huge bourbon fan. And I’m a fan of Trent’s remarkable songwriting / singing talent.

In my latest podcast, which you can listen to above, I hit it off with Trent like we’re old friends, chatting about ascots, social media hackers and the drawbacks of fame. It didn’t hurt that I poured rare gems Michter’s 20-year-old, Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch and Angel’s Envy Tawny Port finish, among others.

We sipped, laughed and solved some of the world’s problems…. all over good bourbon and song. Isn’t that’s how it’s supposed to be?

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