Spiritless Debuts Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Cocktail Can Line Up

| August 2, 2022

Spiritless, a producer of non-alcoholic spirits from Austin, Texas, recently launched a new line of pour-over, non-alcoholic whiskey canned cocktails.

The series starts with a Spiritless Whiskey Sour and Spiritless Old Fashioned. This is now the fourth release from the Spiritless team, following Kentucky 74, Horse’s Kick Ginger Syrup, and Jalisco 55, a distilled, non-alcoholic spirit crafted for tequila cocktails.

With the new releases, Spiritless uses its Kentucky 74 as the base ingredient. The distiller’s notes find the tastes and aromas of caramel, vanilla, and oak from the Kentucky 74, with each cocktail achieving a balanced flavor profile reminiscent of the classic drinks.

Spirtless Cocktail Can

Spiritless Whiskey Sour and Spiritless Old Fashioned (image via Spiritless)

The Spiritless Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned, which clock in at 35 and 45 calories per can respectively, are packaged in 250mL cans, which the statement from Spiritless says is enough to make two lowball sippers or a double.

The distiller’s notes go on to say that the Spiritless Whiskey Sour’s hint of lemon brings tartness and all-natural cane sugar for sweetness, and by adding a splash of Cabernet or Merlot, one could create a low-ABV version of a New York Sour.

For an herbal twist, the distillers suggest muddling a few mint leaves in the bottom of the glass to add a refreshing quality.

The Spiritless Old Fashioned provides a non-alcoholic classic cocktail experience utilizing Kentucky 74 as the main ingredient, alongside a blend of spices such as chai, clove, and cinnamon for the complex taste of a classic Old Fashioned.

The new canned cocktails will be available for purchase in store as a pack of four for $15.99, or a twelve pack online for $47.99.

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Spiritless was founded in 2019 by Lauren Chitwood, Abbey Ferguson, and Lexie Larsen and made its debut to the market in 2020 with Kentucky 74, a distilled non-alcoholic spirit.

For more information, check out www.spiritless.com.


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