Review: OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt and Gift Set

, | March 16, 2023

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The marriage of fine alcohol with food is a popular pastime. There are dozens of guides on what wines, beers, cocktails, and spirits work with specific meals. If done right, a spirit can boost a normally mundane food to a rich and complex experience, my personal favorite being with chocolate. Fusions of spirits and other food items are also popular, seen in spirit filled chocolates or when a college student dumps vodka into a bag of gummy bears. Four Roses Distillery recently joined with OSMO Salt to debut a much higher quality fusion: OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt.

This is an exciting new collaboration as Four Roses Distillery has developed a reputation as a producer of high-quality whiskey producer and OSMO Salt was founded by celebrity chef, and MasterChef finalist, Nick DiGiovanni. To make the salt, Four Roses bourbon was poured over salt crystals from Hawaii and allowed to “evaporate naturally once a combination of solar light and wind” was applied. This resulted in salt which maintained the familiar crystalline structure, but also carried the toasted vanilla flavor bourbon color.

The salt is available in two forms: 1) the salt itself, retailing at $18.99 for 3.5oz, and 2) the gift set, which includes a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch, a jar of the salt, two Four Roses rocks glasses, and a mixing spoon, retailing for $60.99. The gift set comes in an impressive package, and I was especially thrilled with the nice glassware as I developed a love for Four Roses when I visited the distillery with my grandparents. The full bottle of Four Roses Small Batch bourbon is also a great cocktail mixer and occasional sipper.

OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt and Gift Set review

We review OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt and Gift Set, consisting of a product in which Four Roses bourbon was poured over salt crystals from Hawaii and allowed to evaporate naturally. (image via Jeffrey Nitschke/The Whiskey Wash)

Upon opening, the uniqueness of the salt was immediately apparent from the honey and toasted caramel smell. Putting it through its paces, I tried the salt in four separate scenarios: 1) plain, 2) salt + chocolate, 3) meat seasoning, and 4) cocktail salt for a Bloody Bourbon.

The salt by itself had a pleasant texture with notes of maple syrup and honey, resulting in a more creamy then punchy experience. With the chocolate (85% cacao), the salt was very noticeable, adding a burst of honey and toast. The meat dish was disappointing as the toasted vanilla flavor pervaded the entire dish, rendering the whole meal fairly sweet.

Yet it was in the Bloody Bourbon cocktail that the salt truly shined. Usually, Bloody Marys are briny and zesty with the pickle, Worcestershire sauce, and tobacco coming to the forefront. With the OSMO x Four Roses salt on the rim, the immediate flavors were sweet vanilla and maple syrup, pleasantly emphasizing the bourbon in the cocktail. The large granulation of salt allowed the flavor to persist on the palate as it dissolved.

Overall, I would recommend the gift set for a whiskey enthusiast. The nice glassware, full bottle of whiskey, and unique salt give you many ways of enjoying the set. While its options for food are more limited, the salt itself would greatly enjoyed by a cocktail enthusiast, as there are dozens of cocktails a person could create a unique spin on with the bourbon flavor.

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