Interesting Black Friday Whiskey Lifestyle Gear Deals On Amazon

Editor’s Note: The Whiskey Wash Deals are e-commerce deals the website staff comes across during online research. These items are not editorially reviewed by us, but instead come across to us at first glance as possible useful items for the whiskey lifestyle. It should also be noted that by clicking the buy links our site receives a small referral payment which helps to support, but not influence, our editorial and other costs.

It is Black Friday across the land, and those clicking around looking for good deals today are in luck. The whiskey lifestyle certainly has a place in this, and we’ve looked across the choices on Amazon that you might find interesting. Grab a dram and check them out.

Avton Whiskey Glasses Set Of 4

If a simple set of whisk(e)y glasses is all you need, this offering from Avton should fill your want or as a gift to give someone else. 4 lead free crystal glasses, coasters and a gift box make this a good combo. Of particular note with these glasses is durable thick walled design and heavy weighted base that will keep your drink insulated at the perfect temperature for longer.

Chiyan Whiskey Ice Cube Trays With Removable Lid

Looking for an easy way to make some ice cubes worthy of your whiskey or whiskey cocktails? This ice cube tray set with removable lids might be worth considering. Made from food-grade silicone, they are odorless which, in combination with the lid, will help keep the taste of your ice cubes much cleaner.

Rigoo Copper Cocktail Bar Kit With 10 Pieces

If a fancy bar kit is in the want for making whiskey based cocktails with, this copper one from Rigoo is an interesting choice. It is a 10 piece offering that includes a shaker, double jigger, muddler, mixing spoon and more. All of this is nested inside a nice looking bamboo stand for keeping the tools scratch-safe and organized.

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Regal Trunk & Co. Imperial Whiskey Decanter Set For Men

If a gift for the man in your life, or yourself, aims to focus on a more regal whiskey experience, consider this decanter set with a crystal glass decanter and four rocks glasses. All of it is lead free and includes a polishing cloth. The entire set is housed inside a gift box.

South Shore Maliza Bar Cart

For those wanting to store their prized whiskey bottles and accessories somewhere, a nice bar cart presents a good option. This one with a rose gold and smoked glass look, which seems pretty classic to us, is tied to a sturdy design that includes two stoppers on the wheels to keep the cart from moving.