Embrace Your Van Winkle Hedonism With This Custom Barrel Stave Humidor

You, by some minor miracle, have your full collection of Van Winkle whiskeys for this year. You also have your Van Winkle cigars to go with them. For the latter, perhaps you need another Van Winkle lifestyle product to keep them in until you are ready for your hedonistic Van Winkle evening? If so Pappy & Company, a whiskey lifestyle company started some years back by those bearing the Van Winkle name, has you covered with a new humidor made in part from Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel staves.

The new Custom Pappy & Company Handmade Humidor, according to those behind it, was the result of a collaboration between the Van Winkle family members and Heritage Handcrafted, an outfit known for their custom whiskey barrel items. The two first collaborated back in 2014 on a custom Van Winkle barrel wood box holding a decanter and whiskey glasses. This humidor is said to be the second custom piece done between them.

What you have here is a humidor with an outer shell made from Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel staves. The box’s top shows the inside char of the bourbon barrels while the sides display the exterior staves. Inside this box, which is cedar lined, is a hygrometer and built in Boveda 2-Way humidifying system “to store and age your cigars for extended shelf life and improved flavor.”

Custom Pappy & Company Handmade Humidor

Custom Pappy & Company Handmade Humidor (image via Pappy & Company)

The humidor, which includes a removable tray, is designed to hold 150 cigars and weighs a somewhat hefty 8 pounds. It prices around $595 and is said to take four weeks to make from the time you order it. It was not immediately clear if this would be an ongoing item or if it was limited in quantity.