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2021 Holiday Whiskey Gift Guide: Whiskey Gift Sets

Editor’s Note: The Whiskey Wash Deals are e-commerce deals the website staff comes across during online research. These items are not editorially reviewed by us, but instead come across to us at first glance as possible useful items for the whiskey lifestyle. It should also be noted that by clicking the buy links our site receives a small referral payment which helps to support, but not influence, our editorial and other costs.

When you’re thinking about bottles of whiskey to give someone as a gift for the holiday season, sometimes the number of choices on the liquor store shelf can be a bit overwhelming to choose from. Also, if your friend is a newbie to whiskey drinking, just one bottle may not be the best choice to help them in learning about the category. One way to work around these issues is to look at purchasing a whiskey gift set for your friend, which will give that person exposure to several bottles from one or more popular brands.

What follows is a curated selection of whiskey gift set choices for your consideration that range across a number of different whisk(e)y categories. All can easily be shipped to select states where your whiskey friend resides.

Aberfeldy Gift Set

Aberfeldy is a classic Highland Scotch single malt whisky brand dubbed affectionately as “The Golden Dram,” a name that stems from its water source the Pitilie Burn, known for its famed quality and rich deposits of alluvial gold. Honeyed sweetness is a common flavor profile across Aberfeldy’s portfolio, and this can best be experienced side by side with this gift set that includes 200 ml bottles of the 12-, 16- and 21-year-old expressions.



Heaven’s Door Trilogy Collection

Heaven’s Door is the passion spirits project of legendary music artist Bob Dylan. Beautiful bottle packaging is a hallmark of these offerings, and the whiskey contained within each bottle is award winning. One finds in this set three 200 ml bottles, one each of Tennessee Straight Whiskey (90 proof), aged in new American oak barrels; Double Barrel Whiskey (100 proof), a blend of three whiskeys aged for six years; and Straight Rye Whiskey (92 proof), aged in hand-toasted oak cigar barrels from France.



Jameson Irish Whiskey Trilogy

Jameson is easily one of the best known Irish whiskey brands out there today, with a history to it that stretches back centuries. This particular gift set, consisting of three 200 ml bottles, represents the classic house style of the distillery (triple distilled and aged in white oak for at least five years), but there’s also some variation as well. Besides the regular Jameson Irish Whiskey, there’s also Jameson Caskmates (traditional Jameson Irish Whiskey finished in craft beer barrels) and Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition (Jameson finished in former Jameson barrels that once also held an IPA beer).



Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery

Johnnie Walker is the quintessential blended Scotch whisky, consisting of fascinating mixes of whiskies (depending upon the bottling) that reflect the myriad of taste profiles which make Scotch what it is across the different whisky regions of Scotland.  This particular gift set gives you a nice cross section of 12 50 ml bottles of different Walker expressions for you to experience, ranging from the classic Black Label to the aged 18 Year Old to the higher end Blue Label whisky.



Koval Whiskey Gift Pack

Koval, based out of Illinois, is one of the classic stories of the rise of the American craft whiskey movement. There’s a strong dedication here in this woman-owned operation to using unique, locally sourced grains and sustainable techniques in the production process. Three 200 ml samples make up this kit, all of which are single barrel and focused upon specific niches such as Rye, Bourbon and Four Grain.



Scottish Whisky Expedition Gift Pack

Spirits giant Diageo owns and operates many of the well known (and some not so well known) Scotch whisky distilleries in the United Kingdom. This kit, consisting of five 100 ml bottles, offers a broad reflection of this diversity. Including within are whiskies from the likes of The Singleton, Oban, Mortlach, Talisker and Lagavulin. As a bonus also included are two premium whisky drinking glasses to accompany you on your drinking expedition.

How Jim Beam Survived Prohibition

This is the fascinating story of Prohibition’s impact and Jim Beam’s subsequent recovery, revitalizing America’s bourbon industry. 

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