Scorpions Turn To Swedish Distillery For New Single Malt Whisky

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / November 7, 2018

If it is good enough for heavy metal band stalwart Metallica, you have to figure fellow legendary group the Scorpions aren’t far behind.

German heavy rock group the Scorpions decided they wanted to have their own whisky. To accomplish this, they turned to the Mackmyra distillery in Sweden to create what’s being called Scorpions Rock n Roll Star Single Malt Whisky Cherry Cask. This expression, bottled at 40% ABV, is described as follows:

Matured in American ex-bourbon barrels as well as former Oloroso sherry casks, but with an additional finish in German sweet cherry wine casks, the meeting between German wood-influences and Swedish whisky-craft could not have had a better end result. While maturing spirits in casks that have held sherry, port wine or madeira wine is relatively common in the world of malt whisky, the use of the German ex-sweet cherry casks is guaranteed to pique the interest of the whisky aficionados. The added cherry sweetness to the character complements the vanilla of the ex-bourbon casks and the nutty buttery flavours of the sherry casks beautifully.

“Finally, we have our own Scorpions Whisky ready to be released …. we love it,” said the band in a prepared statement. “This particular whisky gets to its perfect maturity in extraordinary German sweet cherry wine casks. We hope you all enjoy it …. let‘s Rock the Night and Taste the Sting!!!”

Scorpions Rock n Roll Star Single Malt Whisky Cherry Cask

Scorpions Rock n Roll Star Single Malt Whisky Cherry Cask (image via Brands for Fans)

“Lovely guys to work with! Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, Mickey and Pawel were very nice and interested in the process,” added Angela D’Orazio, master distiller at Mackmyra. “I think we managed to get a smooth whisky with a lovely aroma of fruity vanillas from the bourbon casks, soft buttery tones from the oloroso sherry casks as well as a sweeter touch from the cherry casks. The fact that we got a finish of both cherry and sherry gave the whisky a perfect balance.”

Plans call for the Scorpions whisky to price at 59 euros, or close to $70 USD. There was no immediate word on what markets it would be made available in.


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