Nikka Releases Coffey Malt Whisky Expression In Europe

nikka-coffeyIn keeping with the theme of Japanese whiskies heading directly to market in Europe, Nikka recently announced its Coffey Malt whisky would be moving from vintage single cask limited editions to what’s term “a more accessible permanent bottling” that will price for around $70 a bottle.

The Nikka Coffey Malt, according to the Japanese distiller, is the result of a unique distillation process in “Coffey” type column stills, which are normally used for grain whisky production. Named after its inventor, Aeneas Coffey, the “distillation process in column stills takes place continuously without requiring two separate distillations as with the pot stills used for single malts.”

This particular whisky is said not to technically be a single malt due to the distillation method it went through and rounds out Nikkia’s Coffey range. The 100 percent malt bottling, in terms of tasting characteristics, is said to offer “a surprisingly rich texture with deep oaky notes.”

Though only available in Europe right now, it is possible it could eventually go to more global distribution.

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