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A New Rye Whisky Emerges In England From Adnams

When one typically thinks of rye whiskey, the United States and Canada come to mind given the abundance of this grain crop type in those two nations. That’s not to say it doesn’t grow in other parts of the world though, including in England. It is here that brewery/distillery Adnams has unveiled a new rye whisky sourced from local grain.

The new Adnams Rye Whisky, according to those behind it, is made using rye grown by distillery namesake  Jonathan Adnams at his farm in Reydon, just a few miles away from the distillery. It is said rye has been grown in that village for centuries and that, in Old English, Rey means Rye, and Don means Hill.

Adnams Rye Whisky

This whisky, aged at least five years in new French oak barrels, was distilled from a mash bill of 75% rye and 25% barley. It is non chill filtered and bottled at 47% ABV. Limited official tasting notes suggest it has nice “aromas of warm vanilla, raisin fudge and black peppercorns with a smooth, rich and spicy palate.”

“Serve neat with a splash of water, or personally I would have an ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail made with the Rye Whisky, angostura bitters and a brown sugar lump,” said Adnams head distiller John McCarthy in a prepared statement.

Should you seek out a bottle of Adnams Rye Whisky, expect to pay at least £45, or around $60 USD.

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