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New Mackmyra Swedish Single Malt Partially Aged In Ex Limousin French Oak Barrels

Mackmyra, a pioneer in the Swedish whisky making world, has unveiled a seasonal whisky where a large part of the whisky is aged in Limousin oak casks that previously stored cognac from the cognac house Ferrand.

Limousin oak is a type of wood used by French distillers in the maturation process of cognac. For this offering from Mackmyra, it has named it Mackmyra Limousin to note the influence of the French oak district of the same name. To compliment the flavor profiles brought forward by the French oak finishing, the distiller has also brought into the whisky recipe spirit from older Oloroso casks, as well as casks saturated with wine made of berries (cherry wine and forest raspberry wine).

More specifics of the recipe are as follows:

• Over 40% Cognac cask 1st Fill French oak, 350L, aged whisky from 2008
• 1st Fill Bourbon, 200L, from 2007 and 2008
• Freshly Saturated and 1st Fill Oloroso, 128L and 200L, aged whisky from 2008-2015
• Berry wine (cherry and forest raspberry wine) saturated wine cask, 30L-200L, aged whisky from 2012-2016
• New and 1st Fill American Oak, 128L and 200L, aged whisky from 2010-2015

Limousin is noted as being a limited single malt and is the culmination of the Season series. Mackmyra annually launches two new limited editions adapted to the season, and it is said they have made the distillery internationally known through the finishing of whisky in casks saturated with flavours that are close to Swedish nature.

Mackmyra Limousin
Mackmyra Limousin (image via Mackmyra)

Bottled at 46.1% ABV, Mackmyra Limousin will be available later this month for £ 63 (around $84 USD). Official tasting notes are below.

  • Nose: Fruity, with notes of sweet and citrus fruits. Distinct vanilla with dried fruit, prune and orange zest.
  • Taste: Round taste with vanilla caramel, dried fruit, sweet almond and dark chocolate. A light spiciness from the oak, with light sour grape tones, ginger and matured pear.
  • Aftertaste: Vinous, sun-ripened grapes with oak notes and soft pear caramel
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