Lark Distillery Out Of Tasmania Unveils Its First Ever Blended Whisky

Lark Distillery, based in the Tasmania region of Australia, is considered one of the top whisky making operations in that part of the world. They are also one of the oldest in modern times, being the first Australian distillery – in 1992 – to produce single malt spirit in 154 years, at the time. Fast forward to now and Lark has recently unveiled its first ever blended whisky.

Lark Symphony No 1, according to those behind it, came about as a result of head distiller and blender Chris Thomson taking a comprehensive look over the distillery’s inventory. It is said he stumbled across a barrel of whisky with “notes of pineapple and tropical fruit. From there, he blended the whisky with another sweet-leaning vintage…and added a touch of Lark’s signature tawny cask whisky.”

Lark Symphony No 1

Lark Symphony No 1 (image via Lark Distillery)

What this means more from a practical perspective is that you have a new Australian whisky with parts blended from ex-American oak bourbon, ex- sherry and ex-port casks. It’s then bottled at 40.2% ABV.

“Symphony No.1 isn’t held down by the rules,” said Thomson in a prepared statement. “We’ve crafted a blend purely made of Tasmania, influenced by the distilleries’ surroundings: fields of barley, soft water, clean air, highland peat bogs, and the perfect climate to bring all the ingredients together.

“We wanted to create something that would feel relatable and like ‘home’ to anyone who’d experience it. Drink it neat, with ice, in a Highball or an Old Fashioned. It’s an accessible, everyday drop; there’s no other whisky like it.”

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As it stands now Lark Symphony No 1 is available for sale in Australia through the distillery, pricing around $139 AUD ($99 USD). You’ll find some official tasting notes below for your consideration.

  • Nose: Fresh mango, toasted pineapple, orange, vanilla and tangerines. Luscious and fruity.
  • Palate: Peaches, apricot, even more mango, and sweet Tasmanian apples dipped in toffee.
  • Finish: Fresh fruit and citrus. This whisky has length, poise and balance.