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Kaikyo Launches Omakase Whisky Exclusively In U.S.

Japan’s Kaikyo Distillery recently launched Hatozaki Omakase, a collection of limited-edition original whiskies by Master Distiller and Blender Kimio Yonezawa.

In Japanese restaurants, “Omakase” or “Chef’s special Omakase” can be translated as “chef’s surprise.” The first edition of the Omakase Collection was made to honor the culinary tradition of a chef’s surprise.

For curious restaurant goers, it’s a matter of trust and discovery to leave the meal to the chef’s desires.

Hatozaki OMAKASE
Hatozaki OMAKASE (image via Kaikyo Distillery)

Yonezawa explained that it was in that spirit that he is offering a blend of single malts of at least five to six years of age, that’s then matured another eight years in new charred American Oak and finished in traditional Japanese Mizunara oak casks, with the Japanese white oak wood coming from the Hokkaido and Tohoku forests.

The Hatozaki Omakase is limited to 3,560 bottles, each numbered and sold exclusively in the U.S. market. It clocks in at 46% ABV, 92 proof, and has a suggested retail price of $79 for a 750 mL bottle.

Launched in 2018 by the Kaikyo Distillery, Hatozaki whiskies were developed by Yonezawa, who was looking to create what’s described as a collection of elegant and accessible whiskies whose flavors evoke the warmth of Japanese hospitality and the soft oceanic climate.

The Yonezawa family started distilling more than a century ago. In the 105 years since, the company replaced its old stills with new copper twin pot-stills made by the famous Scottish company, Forsyth’s. The new facility has been designed to produce single malt whisky as well as other spirits, and was named “The Kaikyo Distillery” after the Kaikyo Bridge in front of the distillery.

Hatozaki Omakase Whisky distiller’s notes:

Color: Light amber with golden highlights.

Nose: Rich and powerful, with initial notes of roasted cereals and ripe fruits such as peach, apricot, followed by gentle smoky notes, with hints of sandalwood and vanilla.

Mouth: Imposing mouthfeel, full with a long-lasting palate, orange peel, spice, and slightly minty. The oak is elegant.

Style: Non-peated, round, and generous.

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