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Japan’s Hakata Whisky Arrives In The U.S.

Japan’s Hakata Whisky is prized for its umami flavors, and now you can find it in the U.S. thanks to Impex Beverages.

A statement from Impex explains that Hakata Whisky is distilled and matured in Fukuoka, Japan by the Hikari Distillery, founded in 1912.

The mash bill of the whisky is 100 percent barley, and a fraction of this barley saw a touch of koji, fermentation made from grains or legumes. The distiller notes that fermenting with koji helps provide healthy enzymes that in turn create that savory taste known as umami.

Hakata Whisky
Japan’s Hakata Whisky is prized for its umami flavors, and now you can find it in the U.S. thanks to Impex Beverages. (image via Impex)

The Sherry casks this whisky is aged in are kept in traditional style warehouses, as well as a few open-air warehouses where they are exposed to humid summer weather and winter temperatures as low as 38°F.

Impex’s tasting notes for the Hakata lineup:

The 10-Year-Old

  • The workhorse of the collection, the full flavor and authentic spirit-forward character introduces the distillery tone and elements in pure potential fashion.
  • 42% ABV

The 12-Year-Old

  • Oak and umami defined, a classic incantation between koji and malt creates complete balance within harmony and spice.
  • 42% ABV

The 16-Year-Old

  • Painted beyond the canvas, this expression has no limits allowing each note to bend beyond its lane producing a truly unique experience.
  • 42% ABV

The 18-Year-Old

  • Glorious and decadent. Become completely immersed within lavished luxury delivered by massive essence, style, and flavor.
  • 42% ABV

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