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Hatozaki Whisky introduces Omakase Collection Of Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

Japan’s Hatozaki Whisky brand just imported into the US the first edition of its “Omakase Collection,” a Japanese cooking concept where their master blender decides on the whisky recipe to serve consumers.

For this first Omakase Pure Malt Edition, the distiller chose to blend single malts of at least 5-6 years of age in small batches of at least 10 casks.

This blend was then aged eight years in American oak and traditional Mizunara casks (Mizunara is the Japanese white oak from the Hokkaido and Tohoku forests).

 Hatozaki Omakase Pure Malt
Hatozaki Omakase Pure Malt (image via Marussia Beverages USA)

Distiller’s notes show the end result is a rich and spicy whisky that’s uncolored and unchilled filtered to preserve the whisky’s character. Unpeated, the whisky offers a sweet taste of malted cereals and dried fruit with a light smoky undertone and an aromatic honey finish. It clocks in at 92 proof.

The whisky was imported by Marussia Beverages USA.

A little history about Hatozaki Whisky – the Yonezawa family settled in Akashi City in 1856 where, having mastered the art of sake brewing, they began distilling in 1917.

From one generation to the next, it is said, the family kept the legacy alive by continuing to develop their spirits expertise. A century later, Master Blender and Distiller Kimio Yonezawa honored this heritage and celebrated the centennial of the family business by creating the Kaikyo Distillery and Hatozaki Whiskies.

Hatozaki was named after the oldest stone lighthouse in Japan, what’s said to be a symbol of safety and guidance listed as a Japanese historical monument. With a design inspired by the naturalistic art of the Edo era (1603-1868), Hatozaki also incorporates a respect to the whisky of Scotland, the country that pioneered the spirit.

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