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Gran Maizal Mexican Corn Whisky Launches Across The USA

Founded by Cesar Ayala (innovation and operations expert) and Gonzalo de la Pezuela (international drinks expert and lover of all things Mexican), a newly debuted Mexican whisky in the USA named Gran Maizal describes its purpose is twofold: To create and share delicious whiskies which embody the most cherished ingredients from ancient Mexico and to promote maize biodiversity while supporting small scale farmers.

“By exploring the treasured provenance of the Yucatan, we can now offer an expanded experience for a sipping whisky. The character emanates from thousands of years of Mesoamerican culture proudly passed on from one generation to the next,” said de la Pezuela in a prepared statement.

Gran Maizal, produced entirely at Destileria La Vibora in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, is the result of years of what’s described as “shared efforts from farmers, distillers, scientists, and whisky experts.” Ideation and feedback as well were provided by Heather Greene (world-renowned whiskey expert, author, and master blender) and Francisco Ruiz Ph.D. (expert with over 20 years of practice in the fermentation of native corn and agave.) as the whisky profile was defined.

Gran Maizal
Gran Maizal is said to offer notes of toasted corn, cured vanilla bean and pure cacao, using porous terracotta vessels for finishing in a way that allows the whisky to preserve “the character of nixtamalized maize while balancing with toasted wood.” (image Gran Maizal)

What you have here,according to the brand, is “corn whisky made with ancient varieties from the Yucatan Peninsula including the oldest recognized lineage in the scientific community: Nal T’eel.” Some footnotes from them of the production process:

  • Our fermentation is activated with a natural proprietary yeast developed by our master distiller.
  • The copper pot still removes undesirable compounds which, after aggressive cuts, results in a clean yet distinctive distillate.
  • Our porous terracotta vessels are designed for Gran Maizal to preserve the character of nixtamalized maize while balancing with toasted wood and enhancing aromatics.
  • As we finish our whisky in terracotta vessels, we add a dash of cured vanilla pods from Papantla and cacao nibs of the Almendra Blanca variety. These rest for a brief time with the whisky before filtering and bottling.
  • Our bottle is decorated with a texture reminiscent of the ripples on sacred pools of water, natural terracotta and corn husks.

Gran Maizal is a Mexican corn whisky with 43% ABV that prices for $57 in a 750 ml bottle. It is available in most US states at

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