Bimber London Single Malt Whisky Is Coming To America

By Hannah Kanik / February 27, 2021

London’s Bimber Distillery recently partnered with Glass Revolution Imports to launch the long-awaited U.S. distribution of their award-winning English Single Malt Whisky.

Three Bimber ‘Country Collection’ single cask releases have been created for the United States marketplace exclusively. They will be available starting on March 2021 for around $160 per 750 ml bottle.

Bimber London Single Malt Whisky

The Bimber whiskies coming to the United States (image via Glass Revolution Imports)

“It is a pleasure to be working with Raj and Glass Revolution Imports to introduce our London single malts into the US,”  Dariusz Plazewski, Founder and Master Distiller of Bimber Distillery, said in a prepared statement. “We’re thrilled to already see such a high level of interest in Bimber and are looking forward to creating further expressions for American whisky drinkers to explore in the future.”

Each of the three casks were selected to showcase what’s said to be the Bimber spirit’s versatility. They were also each crafted using a variety of traditional methods, such as long, open-topped fermentation and direct fire stills. 

Raj Sabharwal, Founding Partner of Glass Revolution Imports added, “We are honoured to be selected to import Bimber London Single Malt Whisky. Bimber’s passion and dedication partners with our focus on importing world class whiskies. We are excited to add Bimber to our portfolio of Inspired Spirits.” 

The Three Bimber ‘Country Collection’ single cask releases all have a unique personality that was influenced and enhanced by the style of the cask that it has been matured in. You’ll find more official information on each, including tasting notes, below.

Bimber USA Edition — Ex-bourbon cask

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This expression was matured in a single American oak ex-bourbon cask that offers flavors of fruit and spice. This ex-bourbon cask also creates sweet and precise fruity flavors that have been drawn out through sympathetic maturation. 

There were just 254 bottles made of the Ex-bourbon cask whisky.

Bimber USA Edition — Virgin American oak cask

This expression was crafted with passion and matured in a single American virgin oak cask. The cask brings out oak-forward flavors of the whisky and adds natural creaminess and bold spices. 

The resulting taste is a balanced flavor expression of the distinctive London single malt whiskey. It was limited to 253 bottles. 

Bimber USA Edition — Sherry cask

This expression is sweet and rich and has been fully matured in a sherry cask. It has a selection of bright, fresh and balanced fruit-forward flavors combined with rich notes that are drawn out of the maturation process.

There were just 293 bottles made.