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Alter Ego Release Brings Flavor Twist To Wire Works Whisky

The White Peak Distillery, of Derbyshire in England, recently introduced an “alternative flavor expression” of their Wire Works Whisky house style … “Alter Ego.”

In a prepared statement from the distillery, it’s noted that Wire Works’ Alter Ego features fruity flavors and a different take on its background light peat, which boosts the personality of the expression.

The distiller noted that the single malt was distilled with alternate cut points to previous Wire Works whiskies, which allowed more fruit flavors and different elements of peat notes to shine through in the final spirit.

Wire Works Alter Ego
The White Peak Distillery, of Derbyshire in England, recently introduced an “alternative flavor expression” of their Wire Works Whisky house style … “Alter Ego.” (image via White Peak)

And, the whisky was more dependent on the casks used for the selected vatting, first fill ex-bourbon casks, than in previous releases. Alter Ego clocks in at 51.5% ABV.

The distiller’s tasting notes describe the whisky as having aromas of lemon meringue and fruit sweets on the nose, with tropical fruit and biscuits on the palate. It has a buttery biscuit finish with light peat.

Max Vaughan, White Peak Distillery founder, said, “We’re always keen to showcase the innovation and creativity we ourselves enjoy. Alter Ego is an example of how we are exploring and developing different approaches during our whisky-making to reveal new personality in our spirit.”

Previously, White Peak released Caduro, its first permanent expression to their portfolio of whiskies.

White Peak Distillery was founded seven years ago by husband-and-wife team Max & Claire Vaughan, both originally from Derbyshire. They’ve garnered awards for their whisky as well as their distillery visitor experiences and Wire Works’ packaging.

Alter Ego is now available in the White Peak Distillery shop as well as online, and at select retailers across the UK for a suggested price of £65 per 70cl bottle.

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