Your New Mad Men Night Whiskey Drinking Accessory: Waterford Crystal

As the second half of the final season of the hit AMC television series Mad Men gears up for an April 5th debut, now may be a good time to prepare to enjoy the show with a good glass of whiskey in hand during each episode. One very luxurious way you might be able to engage in doing this is through the Mixology Mad Men Edition crystal glasses recently unveiled by the very well known crystal glassware company Waterford Crystal.

The Waterford Mixology Mad Med Edition is an officially licensed line up, should you care to know. In developing the series, Waterford Crystal said, it paid “close attention to period detail” in order to “honor a show that is critically acclaimed for historical authenticity.”


Each offering in this grouping of crystalware is topped with a band of gold or platinum, to give it that extra special indulgent feel. You can see a picture above of the whole selection, which includes two decanters ($395), two pitchers ($350), six two-glass sets of old fashioned glasses ($175) and six two-glass sets of hi-ball glasses ($175).

You can pick them up directly from Waterford Crystal, if they have them in stock, or, for more likely quicker purchase and enjoyment (allowing you as well to get that much sooner to a glass of the also 1960s drinking culture themed Glenfiddich The Original Scotch), you can go here to some great Amazon buying options at the new Amazon Whiskey Wash store for your consideration (link opens a new page to our online store).

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