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Tomatin Seeks Varied French Cask Influences In New Limited Edition Whisky Collection

In a bit of a break from the norm, Tomatin Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is launching a four-part limited release series more than a dozen years in the making … The French Collection. The distiller said this new series of whiskies “exhibits the unique influence imparted by different French wine and spirits casks, hand-selected for the maturation process.”

The single malt whisky itself, distilled in 2008, began its maturation in traditional Scotch whisky oak casks before being moved into Monbazillac, Sauternes, Rivesaltes and Cognac casks for the final stage of the process, resulting in the new collection of four expressions. The distillery notes that each cask used in this series is unique, like a fingerprint, and that’s why each edition carries its own unique wood mark on the carton … to represent the individuality of each cask type and the flavors they impart.

Graham Eunson, Tomatin’s Master Distiller, said in a prepared statement that “the French Collection is a great example of Tomatin’s dedication to craft and excellence, with each expression showcasing how its respective finishing cask affects the original spirit … a concept Tomatin championed in the Cuatro series released in 2014.”

Tomatin French Collection
Tomatin French Collection (image via Tomatin)

The French Collection is available to purchase through specialist whisky retailers worldwide and directly from Tomatin’s online shop, with pricing set at around £65. The distiller’s official tasting notes below describe each of the four editions.

Edition 1 of 4: The Monbazillac Edition

  • Distilled in April of 2008, the Monbazillac aroma dances between notes of dark, maple syrup and intense espresso, balanced with cinnamon baked apples. On the palate, there is a sweet cereal flavor combined with sweet milk chocolate and honeycomb ahead of subtle spices and emerging nutty flavors. The finish is rich with walnut and maple syrup.

Edition 2 of 4: The Sauternes Edition

  • Distilled in September of 2008, the Sauternes brings a burst of peach and apricot on the nose, calmed by rich Manuka honey. The sweet honey continues on the palate accompanied by coconut and ginger. The finish is sweet and fresh with a syrupy mouthfeel indicative of the Sauternes wine that once occupied the cask.

Edition 3 of 4: The Rivesaltes Edition

  • Distilled in September of 2008, the Rivesaltes marries Tomatin’s characteristic fresh fruit notes with the sweet nutty flavors for which Rivesaltes wine is known. Contrasting sweet and bitter flavors dominate the palate, held together by an underlying barley aroma. The finish is velvety with the flavors from the palate lingering for some time.

All three of the wine finishes were moved to wine casks for final maturation in July of 2017.

Edition 4 of 4: The Cognac Edition

  • Edition 4 of the French Collection will launch in the second half of 2021, to complete the series.

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