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This Chess Set Is What You’ll Be Playing On While Sipping Your $20,000 Dalmore Scotch Whisky

By Nino Marchetti / October 30, 2014

The Dalmore Constellation Collection is amongst the upper echelons of rare and expensive Scotch, compromised of bottlings from select vintage casks between the years of 1964 and 1992 that have been aging at the Dalmore’s iconic distillery. Prices for these bottles range from over $3,000 to upwards of over $20,000, making them collector’s items to be sure. It is fitting then that a specialized accessory that is also limited edition and costly to mere mortals be made available to accent your time enjoying a glass of the whisky. Enter the Holland & Holland Dalmore Chess Set.


Holland & Holland is a well known British gunmaker which makes flashy sidearms and accessories for those with money to burn. The chess set they’ve unveiled alongside the Dalmore distillery is on sale at the luxury department store Harrod’s in the United Kingdom, and though no immediate price was given, if you consider the fact that its purchase also entitles you to “whichever bottle of single malt from The Dalmore distillery’s … Constellation Collection [you] would like, subject to … availability,” then you have an idea that this isn’t an inexpensive undertaking.

The set itself is quite the artistic marvel to consider, consisting of a board, chess pieces and presentation box made from the finest materials. Also thrown into the mix are two hand-engraved lead crystal tumblers. I’ve put specifics of the set below per Holland & Holland to give you a peek into the world of this uber ultimate whiskey accessory.


High-polish ebony and gun-stock walnut squares bordered by nickel, ebony, walnut & ebony inlay. Solid walnut surround, hand- checkered with 1.87 miles of etched lines. The sides of the surround are inlaid with two polished mild steel diamond escutcheons; the playing ends with two polished mild steel guidon strips – all hand-engraved with the detail taken from the famous ‘Royal’ engraving’ developed at the Holland & Holland factory. The body and drawers of the set are polished walnut – the drawers each being inlaid with a further hand-engraved polished mild steel diamond escutcheon. The drawers are fitted with a spring mechanism operated respectively at each end by two Holland & Holland shotgun safety catches, again hand-engraved with detail from the Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ engraving.

The drawers are lined in real calf suede. The side of the body is inlaid with a sterling silver plaque outlining the provenance of the hand-engraving employed on the set. There is as much hand engraved steel incorporated into the set as there is on the action of a Holland & Holland shotgun. The dimensions of the board are 540mm x 540 mm x 90mm.

Solid, hand-carved, high-polish ebony and gun-stock walnut classic Staunton World Championship pieces. As in all professional sets, each player’s pieces include two queens (in anticipation of the event during play that a player ‘queens’ a pawn whilst still in possession of their original queen). Piece bottoms inlaid with polished mild steel roundels hand-engraved with detail from the ‘Royal Engraving’.


Solid walnut with high-gloss, lacquer finish (12 coats) inlaid with sterling silver plaque. Equipped with nickel lock and key and fittings and stag horn handles. Presentation box interior lined in real calf suede.



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