The Glenrothes Adds An Old 50 Year Scotch To Its Whisky Offerings

Scotland’s The Glenrothes distillery has been producing Scotch single malt whisky in the Speyside town of Rothes since 1879. Known for its five water sources drawn from across its estate and its use of sherry seasoned oak casks as part of its whisky maturation program, it is now releasing its oldest expression ever.

The new The Glenrothes 50 Year Old, according to those behind it, was distilled back in 1968 and then matured for half a century in sherry and bourbon oak casks before recently being bottled at 48% ABV. This whisky was decanted into individually numbered, handmade faceted crystal decanters which were then housed in a lacquered black presentation case.

The Glenrothes 50 Year Old

The Glenrothes 50 Year Old (image via The Glenrothes)

Those who purchase one of the just 50 bottles of this Scotch being released globally will become members of a special insiders club The Glenrothes team has created. Perks of this club include a visit to the invitation-only Glenrothes Estate (which is closed to the public), continued access to prestige releases, and future brand experiences.

“This 50-year-old single malt is a dramatic blend of aromas with layers of complexity only a whisky of this age can deliver – truly luxurious, dark and fragrant,” said Laura Rampling, Master Whisky Maker at The Glenrothes, in a prepared statement.

“As our oldest ever release, this 50-year-old is a salute to the loyalty and craft of our distillery team, several of whom have over 40 years’ service,” added Kerr Arthur, Director of The Glenrothes brand. “They truly understand the art of whisky making The Glenrothes way and now 50 people will have the privilege of sharing in this milestone release.”

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Plans call for The Glenrothes 50 Year Old to price around $35,000 per 750 ml bottle. You’ll find some official tasting notes below.

  • Aroma: A cascade of fragrant woody spices, lilting between cedar wood and cloves, with grounding notes of linseed oil and rich muscovite sugar. A hint of fragrant jasmine.
  • Taste: A drama of complexity. Intensely sweet and spicy, with flares of cardamom, fennel seeds and vanilla pods, while notes of cedar play throughout.
  • Finish: Delicate and refined. A gentle lingering of woody spices.