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Spiritfilled Release Next Two Single Cask Whiskies In Its Mythical Beast Series

Spiritfilled has released the second and third installments of its Mythical Beasts series: a Fettercairn 32-Year-Old and a Glenrothes 15-Year-Old.

The Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32-Year-Old was procured from a private seller and produced just 98 bottles. It has a cask strength of 48.6% and was aged in an ex-Bourbon hogshead since July 1989.

The independent bottler named its Fettercairn The Dryad, after the tree nymph mythology tied to its Celtic roots. It said The Dryad is in touch with nature and the spirit of Scotland, housed in oak with a timeless quality — just like a tree nymph.

Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 Year Old
Mythical Beasts Fettercairn 32 Year Old (image via Spiritfilled)

Official tasting notes for The Dryad Fettercairn 32 Year Old make mention of “rich, juicy apricots and raisins, followed by caramelized apples, garnished with creme brûlée and gingerbread, around a core of oak and English breakfast tea on the nose.”

Its flavor was described as “Elegant, generous mouthfeel, [that] opens with juicy apricots, orange marmalade, lemon tart and hints of English breakfast tea, subtle sweetness and distinct dryness establish parameters and unite to create richness, with a finale of gingerbread, oak and maltiness.”

Spiritfilled said its finish had light dryness, maltiness and oak and orange marmalade.

Mythical Beasts Glenrothes 15 Year Old is a single malt from the Speyside. It has been maturing in the same cask since its filling, a first-fill sherry butt. 

The release is limited to 588 bottles at 55% ABV. It was named after the river god Nyami Nyami, paying homage to the Speyside waterways and the whiskey’s smooth, strong and complex characteristics.

The Nyami Nyami Glenrothes 15-Year-Old was described as having notes of “Rich apricot and orange marmalade extend with Brazil nuts. Then vanilla and lemon meringue appear, with a burst of maltyness and oak providing a spine.”

The brand notes the palate has a “Soft, rich mouthfeel,” with concentrated flavours like “apricots, apricot jam, juicy lemon freshness and indulgent orange marmalade. Gingerbread emerges and maltyness grows backed up by oak and underlying toasted notes, with a luscious finale of fruit compote and nutmeg.”

The finish has a “tangy dryness” that grows with “malty, oak notes … and orange marmalade.”

“With the great success of our first bottling (and the first gold award under our belts!), we are proud and excited to offer these next two expressions in the series,” Spiritfilled Director Russell Spratley said in a prepared statement. “The Fettercairn showcases three decades of careful bourbon maturation, while the Glenrothes is an exemplar in full term sherry maturation. We have lots planned for 2022 so watch this space for more superb releases!”

The Mythical Beasts series features single-cask whiskies with exquisite artwork, named after mythical beasts from Scotland. 

Spiritfilled’s Mythical Beasts collection is available to buy on, while limited stocks last. The Dryad Fettercairn 32-Year-Old is £425, and the Nyami Nyami Glenrothes 15 year old is £135. 

Hannah Kanik

Hannah Kanik is a freelance writer from California. Two years ago, she found herself drinking Scottish whisky atop Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and found her love for whisky and its storytelling side-effects.

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