Spirit Of Whisky Competition Seeks Whisky Poetry Entries

For this year’s Burns Night, cask whisky stockists Whisky Investment Partners and BBC Radio Scotland presenter Vic Galloway unveiled a national poetry competition made especially for whisky fans.

The Spirit of Whisky competition looks for whisky enthusiasts across the UK to submit their own seven-line poem, celebrating what they enjoy most about the spirit.

Coinciding with this year’s Burns Night celebrations, which just happened, the competition runs from Jan. 25th for a week, with the winning poet to receive a rare, vintage bottle of whisky from Whisky Investment Partners’ collection, Annandale’s “Man O’Words,” an unpeated, single ex-bourbon cask matured malt.

Burns Supper

A Burns Supper (image via via Visit Scotland)

And to capture the spirit of Burns Night, the cask whisky specialists have commissioned their own original Burns Night poem, read in true Scot-style by the Vic Galloway.

Burns Night is an annual Scottish tradition in which Scots around the world come together to celebrate the life and works of the nation’s most famous poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796). The night has evolved to become a celebration of all things Scottish, including whisky, bagpiping and Highland dancing, falling on the poet’s birthday (Jan. 25th) in his honor.

Alistair Moncrieff, managing partner at Whisky Investment Partners, said in a prepared statement, “Burns Night is one of the biggest nights in the whisky calendar, and so we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Inspired by the great Robert Burns, the competition gives budding poets the opportunity to tell us why they love whisky, in a fun, creative way. We’re thrilled to have presenter and whisky expert, Vic Galloway, kick things off with this fantastic Burns Night poem.”

Among poetry recitals and speeches, the celebrations also include great Scottish traditions such as haggis-eating, boozy toasts, and a traditional Scottish folk dance called a Cèilidh.

To enter Whisky Investment Partners’ Spirit Of Whisky competition, you can email your seven-line poem submission to [email protected] along with name and contact number.

Competition opened after midnight Jan. 25th for all residents of the UK over the age of 18, and closes just after midnight on Feb. 1st. There’s only one entry accepted per person.

BURN’S NIGHT POEM – by Whisky Investment Partners

“Slainte mhath!

To Bobby burns’ splendor.

A wee dram o’ gold, jus’ a lick o’ pale Amber.

To share’n the contents of God’s own tears,

‘Ack! There’s nawt better.

Te share nary a drop alon.

Fer auld lang syne,

Fer each mouse,

Each man,

Woman in kind.


Whisky is for the conesseur,

Let the rest drink from bachuss’ vines.

Ah! The sweet scent of guid Scotch corn an’ barley ticklin’ mine snoot!

One teasin’ nostril at a time.

Brings back mem’ries,

Mem’ries of auld bear hugs,

With old bear friends.

She’s a-firey maiden,

peaty’r an’ the worm that wriggle upon ‘er!

swallowy strumpet,

Come fixin’ me a-wrakin’.

An’ leeve me fer a slumberin’ Loch,

Now a body warm,

A cozy fire,

An’ a still day.

Aft shaken off cuild elbows,

An’ wi’ wame a touch light.

Thou canna but agree,

What a brilliant night.”


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