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Scotland’s Bladnoch Launches A 19 PX Sherry Single Malt

Bladnoch Distillery out of Scotland recently announced the launch of a new 19 Year Old Single Malt Scotch whisky matured in ex Pedro Ximenez casks. The new release will become part of the distillery’s catalog of annual releases, alongside their 11 Year Old and 14 Year Old Single Malts.

The 19 Year Old is the first PX Sherry expression for the distillery and Bladnoch’s distillers say the Sherry casks have imparted notes of dark licorice sticks, dried apricots and warming nutmeg into the golden-hued whisky.

Bladnoch Master Distiller Nick Savage said in a prepared statement the launch of the new 19 year old whisky will add another dimension to Bladnoch’s portfolio of annual releases. “Extraordinary Pedro Ximenez casks matured at Bladnoch complement the existing range with a beautifully rich and sweet whisky.”

Bladnoch 19 Year Old
Bladnoch 19 Year Old (image via Bladnoch)

The Bladnoch 19 Year Old comes with the suggested retail price of £180. You’ll find more official info below, including tasting notes.

  • AGE: 19 years
  • CASK TYPE: Pedro Ximenez
  • ABV: 93.4 proof
  • NOSE: Dark licorice sticks and aged oak with a floral background.
  • PALATE: Liquorice sticks with dried apricots, almonds and nutmeg.
  • FINISH: Long with a dry sweetness.

Bladnoch Distillery was established in 1817, making it what’s described as the oldest working Scotch whisky distillery in the Lowlands as well as the southernmost distillery in Scotland. Their spirits are crafted using the clear waters of the River Bladnoch that flow alongside the distillery and Scottish barley for a rich, flavorful whisky.

This legacy brand was revived within the last decade by Master Distiller Nick Savage, formerly at The Macallan, and owner David Prior, a whisky connoisseur who is the first Australian businessman to own a Scotch whisky distillery.

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