Nick Offerman Once Again Does The Hard Job Of Drinking Lagavulin On Screen

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / December 12, 2016

Nick Offerman of Parks & Recreation fame is a well loved character actor and comedian best known to whisky drinkers for his Lagavulin YouTube videos. He became more of a household name in this regard with his well received Yule Log video last year, in which he basically sits in front of a burning yule log for a good length of time just meditatively sipping Scotch. He is back now again for 2016, set to help you ring in the New Year with a whisky drinking New Year’s Eve video.

This time around Offerman has traded in the comforts of his lounge chair and roaring fireplace for what was likely a chilly evening in front of the Lagavulin distillery. The video itself is a little over an hour long, complete once again with the actor just sitting there sipping Scotch and staring at you thoughtfully as a crowd parties behind him and an on-screen clock counts down the last hour before 2017 rolls in. Like the Yule Log video, it is a simple and very masterful marketing video which the folks behind Lagavulin have put together.

“I never make New Year’s resolutions because I apply myself to every day of the year in a fashion that can only be described as ‘resolute,’ said Offerman in a prepared statement. “Because I am not a fool, my determined recipe for delicious living naturally involves a responsible savoring of Lagavulin.”

As a supplement to the New Year’s Eve video Offerman’s Lagavulin channel also has two other new videos up on it – : Nick the Bagpiper and Treasure of Lagavulin. These videos, according to Lagavulin, “delve into the history and tradition of the iconic brand (and might even be semi-true). One tells the thrilling and fascinating tale of how Lagavulin came to be. The other has bagpipes.” You can see both of them below.

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