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New BenRiach 21-Year-Old Aged Across Four Cask Types

In the world of Scotch whisky it is extremely common for whisky to be aged in either ex-bourbon or ex-sherry casks. Occasionally you even see some ex-wine barrels in the mix. Rare is the bottling, however, that was spread across four cask types, which is exactly why a new expression from BenRiach is interesting.

The new BenRiach 21-Year-Old, according to those behind it, was matured in a combination of four types of cask: bourbon barrels, virgin oak, Pedro Ximenez, and red wine casks. The casks, blended into the final single malt by BenRiach master blender Rachel Barrie, create together what is said to be a multi-faceted and well blended Scotch.

Bottled at 46% ABV, expect this BenRiach whisky to drop sometime early next year. You’ll find official limited tasting notes at the end of this article for your consideration.

“At BenRiach we have developed a reputation for innovative maturation using an eclectic mix of cask types,” said Barrie in a prepared statement. “BenRiach 21 year old is the next step on this innovative journey, bringing together four eclectic casks in one single malt: bourbon barrels at its core enriched by virgin American oak, Pedro Ximenez and red wine casks.”

It opens with fresh summer fruit compote, soft vanilla and vibrant candied peel, developing into tangy red fruits, barley sugar and the warmth of chocolate ginger.

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