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Lochlea’s New Scotch Whisky Series Based On The Changing Seasons

Lochlea Distillery has launched the first in a new, annual series of whiskies inspired by the changing seasons at Scotland’s Lochlea Farm.

Called the Sowing Edition, the new expression went on sale March 21st. This follows on the heels of Lochlea’s inaugural whisky, which debuted on Burns Night last month and sold out in less than a day.

Lochlea has plans for a range of seasonal small batch whiskies this year, including a summer Harvest Edition, a Fallow Edition in autumn, and the Ploughing Edition this winter.

Lochlea Sowing Edition
Lochlea Sowing Edition (image via Lochlea)

Later this year, Lochlea will also release its core single malt whisky.

Lochlea distillers say that each seasonal small batch will reflect what’s going on at Lochlea farm at that time of year, and they will do so through the casks selected, their flavor profile, and packaging.

All Lochlea whiskies are made using barley grown on the Ayrshire farm, as well as the farm’s own water source.

John Campbell, Lochlea’s production director and master blender, called the Sowing Edition in a prepared statement “a perfect springtime whisky with green apple skins, pear drops and custard creams on the nose; vanilla sweetness, orchard fruits and hazelnuts on the palette with a final fruity sweetness lasting to the finish.”

The single malt whisky is bottled at 48% ABV, and was matured in first-fill bourbon barrels.

Lochlea Sowing Edition is available from whisky and spirits shops around the UK and in 10 export markets. The suggested retail price per bottle is £50.

Lochlea’s distillery was born out of a £6-million investment in 2014, when the planning turned to construction, the foundation was laid, and the still house was installed. It took four years to complete. Lochlea began distillation in August of 2018.

For more information on Lochlea Distillery or the new whisky series, go here.

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