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How To Get Your Yule Log On, Whisky Style [VIDEO]

It has long been a holiday tradition, at least since the late 1960s anyhow, to have a yule log burning in a fireplace on your television screen during the holiday season. The festive moment on the glowing screen started specifically back in 1966 when WPIX in New York City broadcast such a scene as “a holiday gift to New York City residents who did not have fireplaces.” Now, in honor of the 49th anniversary of this tradition and also as a treat to whisky drinkers worldwide, we present you the whisky drinking version of this experience.

Diageo’s Lagavulin single malt whisky brand has teamed up with actor, humorist, and woodworker Nick Offerman to present through streaming video their take on the Yule Log. What you get basically is a 45 minute YouTube clip of Offerman, sitting in a wood paneled room in a comfy chair, as he quietly enjoys a bottle of the Scotch in front of a burning fireplace.

Lagavulin Yule Log

Now should you think, God this is silly, it already has over 650,000 views as of the time of this post, which is very impressive when you consider it just went live yesterday. It is a super smart piece of festive holiday marketing on Diageo’s part, and as for Offerman, he had to say of the whole thing in a statement that

“you might be surprised by the calming effect my Scotch-inspired contemplation will have upon your digestion of holiday meats.”

Diageo is encouraging that this whisky drinking, yule log burning experience, which you can watch below, be played between 10 and 11 pm each night during the holiday season as this is “the preferred hour of after-dinner Scotch whisky enjoyment, perfect for slowly sipping and responsibly savoring Lagavulin.”

Also, in case you don’t think there is reason enough to watch Offerman slowly get tanked during this, here are some amusing things to consider as to why you should:

  • You get to spend the holidays with Nick Offerman. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Enjoy 45 minutes of uninterrupted Scotch whisky-drinking bliss and you don’t even need to exchange words. You can just gaze into one another’s eyes. But be careful, his are known to be quite mesmerizing.
  • The majestic ambiance of the flaming log will set the tone for any viewing location whether it be at home or while “working.”
  • His wood is hand-chopped and selected from his vast personal log collection.
  • He’s good with in-laws, they find him quite good looking. Dashing, even.
  • It’s the only log worth watching.

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