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Gordon & MacPhail Digs Through Old Scotch Stock For Speyside Collection

By Nino Marchetti / December 7, 2016

Independent Scotch whisky bottler Gordon & MacPhail, in their role as one of the more well established of their kind in the whisky world, have access through different distilleries to so pretty old whisky still quietly aging in barrel. With this in mind they’ve worked with some of Speyside’s finest whisky producers in unveiling the new Speyside Collection.

Speyside Collection

The Speyside Collection, according to Gordon & MacPhail, offers consumers the chance to access as a set six very old bottlings. Put together, these expressions bring together “329 years of knowledge, expertise and whisky maturation.” As for what’s in the mix, here’s the specifics from the bottler:

The first release, limited-edition, Speyside Collection hosts a range of flavour profiles, from the fruity and peppery notes of Gordon & MacPhail Smith’s Glenlivet 1948 43%, to the long and slightly smoky finish of the Glen Grant 1949 40%, and the exotic fruit, sherry and crushed almonds flavours in Strathisla 1953 43%.

Showcasing whiskies from across the region, the Speyside Collection also offers Gordon & MacPhail Mortlach 1954 43%, a spicy and creamy whisky, the award winning Longmorn 1967 43%, which is bursting with warming spiciness followed by stewed fruit and citrus flavours, and Linkwood 1972 43%, with its flavours of chilli spice, banana and dark chocolate.

Given that Gordon & MacPhail has such good relations with these distilleries, it was able to put on the bottles the original distillery labels, which should give them all a further old time feel. It isn’t a cheap offering, however, as one might expect given some of the vintage statements listed above – expect to drop £10,500, or a little under $13,400 USD, on the of 75 collections being released for the first go around.

“Four generations of our family have passed on skills and knowledge for matching spirit to quality casks and maturing whiskies for many years,” said Stephen Rankin, director and a member of the fourth generation of the Urquharts, the family who own Gordon & MacPhail, in a prepared statement. “The six vintages in the Speyside Collection are testament to our philosophy of producing high quality single malt. We hope malt whisky lovers will be able to enjoy and savour these special Speyside drams.”


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