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Glenmorangie’s New Taghta Scotch A Crowd Sourced Affair

taghtaCalling its newest release a “crowd sourced whisky,” Scottish distillery Glenmorangie unveiled recently Taghta, a bottling made with input from “whisky enthusiasts” from around the world over the last 18 months.

Taghta, which is a limited edition release of only 12,000 bottles, prices around $115. It is the result of Glenmorangie’s Cask Masters program. This undertaking, according to the distillery, “invited members of the public to help influence every stage of bringing a new single malt to market: from the whisky itself, to its name, packaging design and photography.” It was launched in March of 2013 and ended up connecting with whisky lovers from over 30 countries.

“No other whisky has ever had consumers involved in all stages of the creation process,” said Glenmorangie’s Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling & Whisky Creation, in a statement. “We are immensely proud of the final product. Taghta is a ground breaking, complex, rich whisky inspired and created with our fans for our fans. The result is an innovative blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern influences.”

The flavor profile of Taghta, which takes its name from Scots Gaelic for “The Chosen One,” is described as offering “savoury, salty and sweet notes of caramelised orange and lemon, olives and toasty oak complemented by a rich and mellow aftertaste of toffee, chocolate and dates. ” Though Glenmorangie indicated it was  “only available to registered Cask Masters,” I’ve been seeing bottles of it turn up online at various retailers around the globe.


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