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Glenmorangie Announces Single Malt Created For Mixed Drinks

Glenmorangie recently announced the release of X by Glenmorangie, a single malt Scotch whisky specifically created for mixed drinks.

The new release was created from a combination of whiskies aged in bourbon casks, with some finished in new char oak casks, allowing for what’s described by the brand as sweet flavors, including pear, vanilla, honeysuckle, orange sherbet and chocolate fudge.

“X by Glenmorangie came from our dream of creating even more flavor possibilities, with a single malt that’s made to mix. Consulting with top bartenders, we crafted this sweeter, richer single malt for all those enjoying mixing at home,” Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation Dr. Bill Lumsden said in a prepared statement. “Luscious with vanilla and pear, succulent orange and honeysuckle, all drizzled with chocolate fudge, X by Glenmorangie is perfect paired with a favorite mixer.”

X by Glenmorangie
X by Glenmorangie (image via Glenmorangie)

To inspire mixing, Glenmorangie has designed a series of simple serves – each needing just 2-4 ingredients and easy to make at home using the bottling. Designed to complement all kinds of occasions, these serves are easy to make and most are served tall, over crushed ice in the style of a ‘swizzle’ drink. Recipes for the serves are themed and include Glenmorangie X Night In, Glenmorangie X Date Night, Glenmorangie X Karaoke, Glenmorangie X Brunch and more. They can be found on the Glenmorangie website and on the single malt’s social channels.

X by Glenmorangie is available in the United Kingdom at this point, pricing at £30. Three serves (Glenmorangie X Tonic, Glenmorangie X Sangria & Glenmorangie X Peach) will be showcased on a neck tag accompanying the bottle.

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