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Dalmore 25-Year-Old Comes to Retail at $1,300 A Bottle

By Nino Marchetti / August 20, 2017

The Dalmore distillery, as we talked about recently with its 40-year-old release, is really good at parsing out higher end age statements into small batch releases that command top dollar at retail. This trend is now continuing in the U.S. with the release of a limited-edition 25-year-old that’s pricing for around $1,300.

The Dalmore 25-Year-Old, according to those behind it, was initially distributed primarily in luxury bars and restaurants. Now, 1,000 bottles will drop into retail stores across the country. There’s no immediate mention of which retailers will receive how much, but it likely shouldn’t be that hard to track down if you really want one.

Dalmore 25-Year-Old

This quarter century-old Scotch has gone through quite the barrel aging/finishing process. It was aged initially in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being divided into hand-sourced 25-year-old sweet Palomino Fino sherry butts and 1980 first-fill bourbon casks. After this, it was married together in bourbon barrels before finally being transferred into Tawny Port pipes from Portugal.

“As a result of the maturation process,” said The Dalmore master distiller Richard Patterson in a prepared statement, “in the cask has a wonderful palate of orange peel, chocolate truffles and spiced gingerbread. The Dalmore 25 is a truly spectacular addition to The Dalmore Principal Collection, and a must have for enthusiasts of the distillery and all whisky connoisseurs.”

Official tasting notes for this 42% ABV expression can be found below courtesy of the distillery.

Aroma: Exotic fruits, marzipan, vanilla pods, treacle toffee, fig cake and sweet balsamic
Palate: Orange peel, chocolate truffles, liquorice, sweet damsons and sherry soaked raisins
Finish: Demerara sugar, maple syrup, bitter chocolate and spiced gingerbread